How to bring dry and damaged hair back to life

Victoria Latu
Aug 6, 2018 · 3 min read

The winter season can be hard on hair, but especially on curly hair which is already prone to be on the dryer side. Add to that the frequent use of heaters and cold winds and you get the picture. But I can’t always blame the ill health of my hair on the weather. Truth be told I do the most damage to myself. I colour my hair, hardly ever go for regular trims, and as a new mom I barely find time to wash my hair let alone schedule regular trims! Being so time poor makes me a massive a sucker for any product that promises to the deliver the goods.

That’s why I am so excited for Shea Moisture!

Shea Moisture has finally launched in Australia. Over the years I’ve heard about this line but haven’t been able to access it until now. It’s now exclusively available at Priceline in Australia.

So here are a few things that I love about it. As a whole this line doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. I’ve become very conscious of what I put in and ON my body so this is a massive plus and it means I feel comfortable using it on my young daughter.

This shampoo does not strip your hair which is extremely important if you are a curly girl or have dry hair to start with. Some shampoos strip your hair and make the detangling process a night mare — this product does not.

The Conditioner is my favourite from this line. My hair is very dry and constantly gets tangled if I don’t condition it properly. I found the Curl and shine conditioner to do just that. Define my curls and as a result make it appear healthier and shiny and it made detangling in the shower a breeze. Which lead to hardly any breakage. I was also able to use this conditioner every second day without getting too much build up. Which is another with. I can not stand when my hair feels weighed down!

The Conditioning mask felt rich and indulgent, and I was happy with how soft my hair felt afterwards. I would suggest that it would work even better if you had alot of hair aka “thick hair”.

So there you have it, I love testing and trailing new products, so we can talk shop about whats out there on the market. In this case I would repurchase again, but more likely try another product range from the brand as I curious to find out what else the Shea Moisture brand has on offer.

Till next time we talk shop,


NOTE — this might be heavy duty for people with fine hair, so I recommend that you use a smaller quantity of product than you usually would so your hair doesn’t get weighed down

Originally published at Talking Shop.

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