The Summer Bag — 18 of this seasons IT bags

Victoria Latu
Jan 16 · 2 min read
the summer it bag
the summer it bag

The Summer Bag…

This summers “it” bag has got to be the straw bag or the boho bag or the basket bag or what ever other name you would like to give what is in essence a basket. Whether you like it woven, boho, small or beach bag size, there is one to fit whatever your fancy! You can’t scroll down your Instagram feed without seeing the Cult Gaia bag, but if that’s not your speed and you understandably want more discretion for the items in your purse… could I then interest you in the Loewe straw bag. There influencer status achieved *wink

straw bags for the season
straw bags for the season

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Originally published at Talking Shop.

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