Christmas is not the same anymore…

While growing up, Christmas was the day I waited the entire year for. When December came around, I counted down the days, sometimes even hours, until the morning of Christmas Day. My family had this rule in our house that we couldn’t open any presents until all our chores were done and once everyone is at the house. After presents, we would eat a delicious meal and then play Bingo for scratch off tickets. Yes, I started gambling at an early age. Unfortunately, my childhood days have slowly faded away, and I don’t see Christmas like this anymore. My parents don’t get me anything, family don’t come over anymore, and chores get done really early; thank God. I wish my parents would set disputes aside with other family members so we can all be together and share what little time we have… Also, I wish my sibilings would come home, too. My parents tend to make up and exaggerate stories, and I understand that my brothers and sisters are sick of hearing it. That is the only thing I would ask for Christmas: peace and harmony. Years from now we won’t remember the gifts we were given; we would remember everyone that came to celebrate the occasion and the memories we all shared. But God has a purpose for everything. Other than that, Happy Birthday Baby Jesus and Merry Christmas to all!

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