I have been volunteering at the MCSPCA every Sunday since the beginning of October, and I love every minute of it. First, my service began as a requirement for my Participation in Government class: but now it is more than that. I enjoy seeing all the dogs and cats, and an occasional ferret, every time I volunteer. I have grown a connection between the volunteers and the animals, and I can’t imagine myself not going there every Sunday. There is this one cat named Caramel that I love so much. Ever since my cat passed away a few days ago, Caramel has made an appearance in my life. He loves unconditionally and always wants to be touched; in other words, pet. My parents are letting me adopt a kitten, and Caramel will soon be mine. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to volunteer at the MCSPCA and that I was able to meet so many caring people as well as adorable animals.

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