I was inspired by Sarah Stockdale’s article to write about the things I know for sure to be true. Here’s my attempt at sharing some of the wisdom I have learned over the last 22 journeys around the sun.

Photo Credit: Pexels
  1. “Never pay to torture yourself” is a mantra I learned from one of my best friends, Michael Cormack. He applied this philosophy when he travelled to Europe and SE Asia. If you don’t want to go to dinner with those people, don’t. If you don’t want to go to that concert, don’t. You don’t need to say ‘yes’ to everything.
  2. Lifting heavy weights =/= bulking up. It shows how strong you are.
  3. When you find phenomenal mentors, hold on tight to them and ask them ALL the questions. Thank you Ria, Keane, Sarah, Mike, Bryn, and of course, Scott + Pat (P.S. You should check out all the cool stuff these folks are working on.)
  4. Exes can be friends.
  5. Using men’s deodorant/razors/other hygiene products = better quality and saving money. Bye gender norms!
  6. Find Asian grocery stores in whatever city you live in.
  7. You don’t have to meditate to be self-aware and grateful. Just work on being present and mindful in each moment. (Listen to this podcast)
  8. CALLING MOM FIXES EVERYTHING. YOU SHOULD CALL HER AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Moms are actually really cool. Ask her about her life, her dreams, lessons learned and mistakes made. (I asked my mom to get matching tattoos a month ago. She wasn’t really down, but I think it’s happening.)
  9. MCDs is way better in Canada than in the US.
  10. You should know how to change a tire, build a fire, and jump a car battery (surprisingly I’ve had to do all these things in the past year).
  11. Block time off for yourself. My friend Jane does this cool thing called “Jane Days.”
  12. Puppies ❤ ❤ ❤
  13. Just because you have the ability to forgive someone, doesn’t mean that you should.
  14. There is something very relaxing about eating alone in a restaurant.
  15. Smile wide. Laugh heartily. Cry hysterically. Be present in your emotions, and go with the flow.
  16. Know the difference between jealousy and envy. “Remember, jealousy focuses on something you’re afraid to lose. Envy focuses on something you want to gain. You should combat jealousy with trust, and you should combat envy with contentment.” (From this wonderful blog called DearCoquette.)
  17. Stop saying that you “don’t have time for X.” Don’t make excuses for yourself. If you don’t have time, you’re really saying “I am not making X a priority.” Re: working out, dating, tapping into your creative side.
    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just don’t deceive yourself. You can’t add another hour to the day, but you can change your priorities.
  18. You don’t need to travel to find yourself. Our generation romanticizes the idea that you need to travel in order to have some sort of self-actualization moment…when the truth is that the only place you need to travel is deep within yourself.
  19. When you find friends who you can talk with until 6am + they accept you even when you find pizza/poutine in your hair, you know they’re keepers.
  20. Don’t read internet comments, unless it’s on the photos of Humans of New York.
  21. Pay it forward. I could have never moved to San Francisco if it weren’t for the kindness of others (special shoutout to Shereen for sharing her beach home with me).
  22. Vicky P Social will follow me forever. I’ve embraced it.

I won’t be making New Year’s Resolutions this year, but I have a goal to write more often. Follow me on Medium to see what else I publish. :)

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