An Open Reply to Mathios Meridius’s Open Reply to Yang’s Open Letter


This was both irritating and amusing to read.

I have a few points and questions.

One: Why are you so angry? PokéVision wasn’t ever mandatory. You could use it if you wanted, or not use it if you wanted. Like Yang said, it was a stopgap for those who needed one and who wanted to hold onto this game after their spirits had been dampened. He expressly tried to tell you that is wasn’t for cheating. It wasn’t to cheat or put anyone at a disadvantage— it was to help people hold on to something truly awesome. It was made out of love for the game and a hope people would stay, not a desire to get ahead. It was made to be there while we needed it.

Maybe it wasn’t a perfect approach, but do you have any better suggestions? At least he took action, and made something we could use to keep us playing.

Two: This game ISN’T ABOUT battling or trading . If you want do do either of those things before the devs add them, if they add them, then you have your existing games to do that with. Pokémon go is, at least to me, about the very essence of Pokémon that I think you are missing: GOTTA CATCH ’EM ALL. Not “gotta fight ’em all” or “gotta trade ’em all.” Catch. Catch them all — and it provided a way to be healthy and active while doing so. The tracker AND PokéVision inspired us to keep going while we were out and about, just a little further, just a little longer, which is literally healthier for us. PokéVision once made me run — full out run — out of my door to go catch Pokémon. Do you know how long it’s been since I have run that fast willingly? A long, long time is the answer, and I’m okay to admit that!

And! It’s a game about being social while being out and about catching them all. Bringing us out of our rooms and getting us walking and meeting our fellow nerds and humans in the quest to catch ’em. And I think that’s awesome, and it’s enough for me.

Three: Just because you played Pokémon more does not make you more important or more of a fan. That’s a notion that from reading your letter I got and was both very disappointed with and also bewildered by. When you love something as a kid, you loved it, whether it was one game or all of them. I’m a firm believer in the idea that you don’t need to have experienced every piece of a fandom to be part of it or to love it.

Also, not everyone was able to acquire all the games. Not everyone had the money, or resources, or the availability.

So that’s a moot point. Playing them all or having a larger Pokédex doesn’t make you an authority or more knowledgeable about loving the series. We are all fans, whether we started way back when, or whether we discovered out love for the games recently.

(And, as an added point, I don’t believe anyone gets to declare themselves the mouthpiece of “the real fans.” Thinking of people as “real” and “fake” fans seems kind of elitist and, frankly, mean to me.)

Four: Why is it so important to you to put this person down that you have to publicly denounce them as a villain and tell them that “they will never be” anything? I get that that was really only a reference to the anime, but still, that was also kind of mean and made me even more disappointed to read.

Five: Even if some people, in your opinion, used this as a way to cheat, why put down someone who made it out of love for the game, with hopes it would keep us together after a rocky launch? Why put down someone who wrote such a sincere letter not to connive his way into anything, or put down anyone else, but to make his original intentions and love for the game known, not to mention try to express some of the frustrations and sadness of the player base overall to the devs at Niantic by gaining some visibility online?

You’re kind of making an example of the part of the internet I’ve grown to distaste with your letter — that part that responds to honest, heartfelt expressions with bitter and mean comments for no reason other than that you feel that your view on the matter is more correct, important, or that YOU FEEL he is something that he was explicitly trying to tell us he was not.

Why couldn’t your letter have been more constructive instead of accusatory?

It makes me disappointed, Mathios.

Not just in you, but In a lot of things.

I thought the Pokémon fandom, at least for the most part, was better than this.

— V.