So I sat at the edge of my bed not just sure of what I was about to do in the next minute, before then I was reading a book, Becoming, written by Mitchell Obama. I just wasn't sure what to do next amongst three things I had planned out already.

Still sitting at the edge of my bed I saw my visions/goals book on top of the table before me.

Walking towards the table took me forever.

'What could be wrong with me this early morning?' I asked myself.

I heaved a sigh and knocked whatever feeling it was out of me.

I took the book off the table, walked towards the window, opened the curtains and leaned on the window's burglary proof.

I stared at the book for about 10 seconds and opened it.

I read the first line and smiled,

'So, I actually did hit this goal this year.' I smiled harder and congratulated myself in between smiles.

The third line wasn't really exciting, I immediately left that page and went to the middle of the book where I had written down my mistakes and the things I failed at.

Then it dawned on me that I've been on a rough road inside a bus that is really not in a good condition- by this I mean, some things were taking time.

You know that frustration that comes with travelling in a bus that breaks down at every possible road?

Yeah, that was it. The fact that it was clear I won't be getting to my destination in time.

Mistakes and failures are two things that are inevitable in life.

2021 was (2022 has started already for me) really a year that brought so much to my table, ranging from bad decisions, indecisions, procrastinations which in return brought in mistakes and failures.

You know, I could have hung the boot, you know that, right?

But I didn't.

Mistakes and failures before have been treated as something that should belong in the past at my end.

I didn't know better.

I was always hoping to get to a point where I wouldn't make any more mistakes or entertain any more failures. Little did I know that mistakes and failures will forever continue to be a continuous present thing, they can't be swept under the carpet and tagged 'past.'

I had goals I wanted to achieve, I made my mistakes and failures came right after.

Did I cry? Yes, I cried, I cried bitterly.

For the first time I realized things and my eyes opened to things I've been ignoring. My ignorance was actually a wake-up-call for me.

You see why mistakes and failures are a continuous thing? They help you realise where you're getting it all wrong.

Again, I repeat, mistakes and failures shouldn't be swept under the carpet. Tackle them as they come.

2021 indeed brought too much to my table.

I got blessed this year, if a man were to give me those blessings, I may not have gotten them.

I took major steps this year, they may not be yielding anything at the moment but I'm super happy I took those big steps.

I encountered things on my way to hitting my goals and visions, some of those encounters ripped me off everything I've been working on for a very long time. Some made me throw myself on the floor asking God 'why?'

Some made me want to lose my mind, some made me want to end everything and just be a regular person.

But I refused to be a regular individual, and I still refuse to be a regular individual.

My impact has to be felt, not just by one person, the whole world will feel it.

I have so much to still be grateful for, I didn't know I would be where I am today, from hitting some of my goals to getting recognition here and there. There's no better feeling than knowing you exceeded a particular limit you thought you wouldn't exceed in a space of one year.

A lot really happened.

2022 is a year of fighting harder, it's also a year of being sensitive to mistakes and correcting them as early as possible. It's not a year of sweeping mistakes and failures under the carpet and waiting for 2023 to be a better time or year to correct them.


As you're making decisions, be sensitive to the ones that will be bouncing back in the form of mistakes, correct them ASAP and learn your lessons to avoid a next-time.

I may not have achieved all my goals but I'm glad at the place I am right now. I'm glad I achieved something tangible, I mean, achieving something is better than not achieving anything.

2022 is already set, the real question is,

'What will you unleash in 2022?'


'What doesn 2022 have in store for me?'











Storyteller. Ghostwriter. Copywriter. Baker.

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Stephen Njideka Victoria

Stephen Njideka Victoria

Storyteller. Ghostwriter. Copywriter. Baker.

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I am a left hander. In Nigeria.