I Woke Up Like This

Life of Vey

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My only make up is water, at 6.00 in the morning, having woken up from a sweet dream - or a beyautiful nightmare. If you don’t beylieve it you can call me on my video phone, or try my telephone, even just say my name and I will appear before you to confirm that indeed I am flawless.

Right out of beyd, I get up to run the world and partition the profits. When I get information it makes my eyes big. My lips stay plump and smiling, I’m no broken hearted girl, because I don’t waste time on the beyst thing I never had. These are just tips on how I get me bodied.

After studying, I gotta work it out in the gym. Don’t bey lazy, one needs to bey fighting temptation. The effort does pay off when you look good in the in the summertime; and even on a cold night when you invite him over to check on it ;)

Anyway, what was I saying? Never mind that I can be a diva at times, just beycause I’m so irreplaceable. Even though I like to party, I beylieve in running from anything that won’t upgrade u. Don’t spend too much time drunk in love beycause utachapa.

You should see me now, sitting down to breakfast. If I was a boy I would skip breakfast, which makes it hard to put 1+1 together. This is what makes us girls. Sometimes though, pretty hurts, so I keep some comfort food for those haunted mafeelings.

Anyway, I’m going to bey out with my single ladies today. Other days I just work and turn up the radio. Don’t ring the alarm and imagine that I get by on just beyauty. I’ve beyen explaining all along that beyauty comes from within; that is why Vey and Bey woke up like this.