IA#5 Reflections on The Monuments Men

Guide Questions:

1. Write your personal reactions to the content/ story of the film.

The film was very entertaining and there are a lot of moral lessons. I also saw how eager the soldiers were in recovering stolen artworks. This made me realize how much they value and preserve Western European culture not only that but also giving importance to art.

2. Write a critical analysis of the film itself (narrative, production, directing, cinematography, acting, etc.)

Narrative- The plot was portrayed very well and the sequence of events matched this is why the message of the film was precise and clear. The movie was all about soldiers who were recovering stolen artworks by the nazi that were hidden by hitler’s men in the salt mines. They want to recover the artworks to preserve Western European culture.

Production- The film was based on a true story. Based from my research it was an American-German co-production of Columbia pictures. It was funded by German Federal Film Fund. Most of the scenes were filmed in Germany and some scenes were taken in “Imperial War Museum Duxford”. The film also used principal photography in which actors are on set and the cameras are rolling. This is usually the most expensive phase of film production due to the whole crew and the cost of all the things used to produce the film.

Directing- The film was directed by George Clooney together with Bill Murray and Grant Heslov. They did a great job because they were able to produce an amazing film not only that they also won three awards and garnered two nominations. The directors were able to manage their roles as a director and as an actor.

Cinematography- The cinematography of the film was high quality and you can see how much effort they put to create something like that.

Acting- This movie has an amazing cast and all the actors were able to portray their roles which made it easier for the audience to understand the film.

3. If the Philippines had a set of “Monuments Men” during the World War 2, what could have happen differently? Is there a need for us to have a “Monuments Men” in the Armed Forces today? Please discuss.

Yes we do need it. Culture is not limited to paintings, language, literature, history and indigenous artifacts. Everyday we see its continuous degradation. We have to restore our interest in our culture and promote it as time passes on because art keeps culture, history and people alive.