IA3: Up Close & Personal

Lucian Sevilla (DJ & Music Producer)

Chesca Reyes (Enhancer of photos)

Noel Nicholas (SDA Teacher, Architecture)

  1. What do you think are their contributions to the PHIL society?
  • Their complex creativity in relation to simple things that help expand people’s perspectives. Art keeps things alive like culture & history not only that it is a way to communicate with people. Despite them having different kinds of field of work they all have one thing in common and that’s their contribution to the country’s economy.

2. What qualities/ skills do you aspire to have/ admire from them?

  • Them being passionate & hardworking about their chosen career. Their ability to create something innovative every day.

3. How can these qualities/ skills help you in your future career?

  • These qualities such as being passionate, hardworking, determined & having a positive outlook on life will take me to places just like them.
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