This art fair showed me how passionate the artists are about their chosen field of work, not only that they also made me realize that it’s not just an artwork it’s something that needs to be appreciated.

When I first entered the convention I was amazed how these amazing artists can create something like that innovative and beautiful specially with the kind of material they used and the deeper meaning behind their artwork. A lot of us have different interpretations when we encounter an artwork and this makes any artist unique thus you can see how talented & wild their imaginations are that exceeds our expectations. It’s very hard to create something new every day, I’m amazed how each artists seem to not run out of ideas when it comes to their artworks. They also contribute in our country through their ability in widening people’s perspectives.

One day I wish to be like them even though I’m not that creative this won’t hinder me from trying. I salute all the artists out there because their job, that is being belittled by some people is no joke. Being an artist is something else. They deserve to be appreciated and be recognized by thousands of people.

I hope Manila Art continues organizing events like this so that more people could appreciate their works and talents. Also, hands down to all aspiring artist and artists. Continue doing what you love.

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