Today we had a class with the girls from the third year. It was so much fun, really.

At the beginning we were working together with Lidia Valentinovna. We talked a lot about English proverbs and their equivalents in Russian. We even acted out one of them with Olya and Sasha(from the 3rd year).

Then we were given some time at the end of the class to talk about the sophomore year and the program “Work and Travel”.

It was really great to know some facts about the upcoming year, about what is ahead of us. They told us some information about the exams and the teachers, what to expect and what not to expect. After we had learned that we wouldn’t have a lot of exams and credits this semester we breathed a sigh of relief.

Also, we now know at least something about Work and Travel. A lot of us want to go to America this summer and work there. But there is a chance that I won’t get a visa, because my father worked in the FSS. Also, I applied for a job of a volunteer at the FIFA 2017. Of course, I don’t know yet if i’m going to be a volunteer or not, but if I will I don’t want to miss the World Cup where I can get such a wonderful linguistic experience(and free Adidas uniform😉). So, everything is complicated. This is real life, kid!

Anyway, thanks to the girls who told us so much!