A Cancer in the Body Politic

I wish that I could banish Donald Trump from my consciousness but apparently I cannot. His creepy cosmic stench somehow managed to creep into my yoga practice this morning but at least it came equipped with a catchy tag line: cancer in the body politic.

So there it was, in my head, Donald Trump = cancer. As random thoughts go, it was OK. I thought it apt. And then I had second thoughts; cancer does spread throughout a body but the diseases of the immune system are even more pervasive. Cancer is often limited to one particular spot in the body and we now have many ways to banish it, many approaches that can be taken. But the immune system is much trickier, and when it goes down everything else eventually goes with it.

But Autoimmune Disease in the Body Politic is just not as snappy a phrase, so I could not let the original inspiration go.

Perhaps, I thought to myself, there’s a cancer of the immune system. And of course there is. In fact, there are a number of them, the most well-known of which would probably be cancer in the thymus gland: CKA Hodgkin’s disease. There are also occasionally tumors of various sorts that develop in the thymus, all of which knowledge allows me to feel much more comfortable with the source inspiration so I’ve decided to stick with it: Donald Trump, a Cancer in the Body Politic.

I like it. I mean, I don’t like it, but it is a perfect fit.

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