Schools focus on respecting authority - Schools focus on punctuality - Schools focus on measurement - Schools focus on basic literacy - Schools focus on basic arithmetic
One Man Created the Education System Holding You Back
William Treseder

Based on what I have heard from both college professors and high school teachers, respecting authority, basic literacy and basic arithmetic have been all but lost in the public schools. The professors I know say that they regularly receive from their students work that any high school student (when they were in school) could have done better. Every high school teacher nowadays has to bow to the demands — and threats of lawsuits —from parents so effective discipline has had to disappear, most teachers are given no respect whatsoever, electronic devices and cell phones are allowed in class, as is their use.
I live in WV, that may be part of the problem in a state with some of the worst ‘opportunities’ available, but my friends — the professors, teachers — are from large east coast cities. 
For sure, current education is a mess, but somewhere along the line, the good that an “old fashioned” approach to education carried got thrown out along with whatever was coming in. So, hooray, you’ve got giant smart boards in every classroom… and not a kid in class can divide double digit numbers.
And homework? Forget about it. Even tests don’t have to be turned in by the end of class anymore. It just doesn’t matter.

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