Yoga has always made me feel better, and that’s why I do it.
(259): Who Am I Now? Reflection on Subtle Changes
Betta Tryptophan

I began my practice when I was 37 (71 now). Got a rapidly advancing case of diffuse progressive systemic sclerosis at 44 and turned into wood, inside and out. But I did the yoga in my head for the three years that it took my body to return to ‘normal’ which includes fingers that are still permanently bent towards my palms. 
Just glad to be alive (on accounta it usually kills people) I came back to yoga with a gentleness and patience that are still very much a part of my daily practice. But I can, now, actually sit in lotus pose (took me years of slow, small, incremental movements) and can actually hold myself, on bent knuckles, in lotus, off the ground… currently working on getting my time up.
I love the process itself. Cherish it. It’s like starting the day with dessert! I feel you!

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