The daily sex tips of a writer
Tobias Stone

I think I am dys-functional in general. Mildly, but obviously, dyslexic, I am also fully functionally ambidextrous which may sound cool but has actually almost gotten me killed on a number of occasions because left and right? All the same to me! Needless to say I cannot ballroom dance. I can, however, mirror-write, even upside-down; my brain seems not to know the difference. Most people have a handwriting style… not me. I write loopy and right-leaning, squarish and straight up and down, though I have noticed that the right-leaning tends to come out when I am writing ‘personal’ things, the left-leaning when I am taking notes. (Oh, yeah… and both my hands are seriously crippled; the pads of my fingertips are more or less permanently facing the palms of my hands. Just one more little joke from a Universe that clearly figured I could take it!)
I love this piece you’ve written… it made me feel ‘normal,’ whatever that is!

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