Now THAT’s scary, Victoria!
Betta Tryptophan

I think I’m actually more afraid of the brown recluse! I had an aquaintence in Philly who ran a small Afro-centric new-agey shop on South Street. It was a great little place. One day I went there and it was closed… following week, closed… and so on for months. It was still all set up; I could see that she had not moved out. It was all very odd.

Some time later — I’d stopped marking time — it was open… and there she was, looking not entirely well, behind the counter. She’d been in the hospital for weeks and weeks. A brown recluse, which she figured must have come in with a shipment of some sort, had bitten her somewhere on her upper torso. Thinking it an ordinary bug bite, she ignored it and ended up being taken to an emergency ward later that night where it was determined that she’d been bitten by the spider.

They restored her general state of health to viable but the flesh of her upper body just kept deteriorating until almost 1/4 of her flesh had disappeared… and had to re-grow! That’s why she’d been gone for so long. Hell. I’d rather have died!

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