When I Write About My Fatness
Shannon Ashley

Keep writing… please.

Some of the sweetest, kindest, brightest people I know are “morbidly obese.”

I live in a clothing optional community; it’s one of the few places where you leave judgment at the gate or you are asked to leave, and one of the few places I’ve ever been where people are welcomed and accepted for their hearts and souls. I have had visitors here who have been unable to wrap their minds around why someone “like that” would walk around naked… I refer to those people as visitors because they were once friends but anyone with an attitude like that does not deserve my friendship. They are never asked back, nor do I make any effort to see them again because they cannot even hear me when I speak, when I say that we are all here to be who we are in the bodies that we need to be in to learn whatever it is that we came here to learn about life.

I known what it feels like to be an object of… whatever the hell that is that bubbles up inside people when they see someone that doesn’t “fit the standard mold.” I’ve been there. People need your words, your wisdom, your story. They do. We all do.