A child is abused

And the groundwork is laid

For a debit of love that can never be paid

The body matures

But the heart and the mind

Of the injured child are now legally blind

Trained not to speak

Of what they’ve been through

They assume this is life; this is just what you do

But suppressed or remembered

The feelings bring shame

And they spend a whole lifetime wrapped in self-blame

Love’s become twisted

It cannot be trusted

“I might be a monster… or I might just be busted.”

Where can you hide

When there’s nowhere to go?

What can you prove when there’s nothing to show?

To save your own children

You’ll distance yourself

Get clean away, put your heart on a shelf

Or use love as nepenthe

Let the past slip away

Hope the darkness dissolves, that the sunlight will stay

But it doesn’t, you know

For night’s always inside

Dark is your father and you, his bright bride

Dark helped construct you

Dark gave you strength

Dark is your fiber, your breadth and your length.

But dark doesn’t own you

Can’t make you its bitch

You’re halogen, human, and you’ve got the switch

Flip it.