Every time we use phrases like “not all white people” or “I don’t see color” or “my family didn’t even own slaves,” we further racial invisibility and oppression instead of racial equality and equity.
An open letter to white people on the murder of Philando Castile
Real Talk: WOC & Allies

Please… what can I say?
I feel so frustrated… hurt so much inside because I just do… and I always have… (yes, always, since I was a child) and now I feel — even as I write this — that I — and my feelings and my outrage — will be dismissed if not actually ridiculed…
What can I say? What can I do? Please tell me. I give to the SPLC what little I can. I am already sharing everything I can, everywhere I can, and if you tell me that is all that I can possibly do then at least I can feel a little less useless in my own olive-colored skin.
I feel so helpless, so useless…

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