I suspect the ‘all my life’ part figures. :-)
Allison Washington

re: what am I conscious of… what am I NOT conscious of? They’re too hot, they’re feeling stuck together, they’re feeling pleasantly moist and kind of slidey, somehow they’re not ‘set’ right and require adjusting, they’re buzzing a little (soooo nice), and all sorts of variations on those themes. 
I stopped wearing underwear as soon as I realized that I could because of my labia. They just felt so confined! (and, again, overheated). We’re all much happier now.
I am perhaps hyper-aware of my body having been so thoroughly abused as a child (sexually) so I notice lots of things about lots of various aspects of me that would probably pass unnoticed by the average person. I’m 70 now and happily healed from the mess of my early decades but I do carry a certain awareness of the subtleties of my being that others do not seem to.

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