The End of Lying

Isn’t it grand? Isn’t it just what you’d wished for one day long ago when you’d fallen victim to a lie? When someone told you, “Was’n’ me…” and yeah, it actually had been, but you didn’t find that out till it was too late and found yourself committed to a professional cheater for better or worse. Well, that day has arrived. Lying is over. No more lies.

Everything is now, officially true.

Think of it! No less a man than the president of the USA is out there setting an example daily — and frequently — for the children of this great nation on the importance of being truthful because he always is. He’s practically a Taoist, a person open to the acceptance of the existence of opposites within each other. Surely, living in a country with such a fine example of that ancient and honorable philosophy being presented rigorously and regularly on television, radiating the kind of peace that comes from the full, round embracing of the juxtaposing concepts, will establish for the country and its young upcoming citizens a whole new way to be in a whole new world, a world where we can all just reach out, grab truth by the fuzzy bits, and squeeze it for all we’re worth.

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