The Law of Attraction Ain’t What You Think… Literally

I was introduced to my first self-help book, Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich, in 1984 by my second husband. He swore by it; he was also pretty much broke. He was convinced that that book would change his life and take him where he wanted to go which was to the land of the wealthy. It was required reading for any wife of his, and I was the third. I read it. I didn’t take to it. More money than I require to minimally sustain myself has never been important to me. And that’s a good thing because during the course of our marriage all that positive thinking got him to bankrupt us twice.

In the 90’s, when I entered into to the world of alternative healing and so-called “spirituality” I was once again exposed to people insisting that I read various things, all of which would enhance my being in the world by making me more able to “manifest” that which I desired. That word, “manifest,” still makes me cringe a little every time I hear it. And if I never hear the phrase “if you can dream it you can do it,” again, I won’t care one bit.

The Law of Attraction is a very real thing but it has little to do with the thought process; The Law of Attraction is why you have what you have in your life, from people to situations, but it isn’t about your mind or your dreams; it’s about your body. It’s good to have a good attitude; a good attitude usually attracts good people and good people can be helpful, they may be people who can help you move to someplace better. But what they won’t do is change all the information that you have carried with you — your programming — from even before you were born, information that you carry in the cells of your body, programming that was gifted to you first by the biochemistry of your mother when you were in utero, (reference Candace Pert’s, The Molecules of Emotion), and later by those who raised you, and that biochemical programming is exactly where the Law of Attraction resides.

You have no doubt heard an old saying, usually attributed to the Jesuits, “Give me a child until he is seven and he will be mine for life.” Smart guys, those Jesuits. Seven years is exactly how long it takes for all of the cells in the human body to reproduce themselves and the information they carry which has been absorbed by that body (and, yes, the brain within it). Thus internalized information multiplies itself and becomes firmly rooted in the body consciousness as emotional cellular programming. Most people do not realize that their body has a consciousness in that sense, in the sense that it holds information, but that is what the body does and the brain, which is, after all, generated by that body, is the way that most people gain access to that information… or not.

I am sure that the people who decided to put together the 2006 movie, The Secret, got an excellent return on their investment as they blithely shared some seriously flawed information with the general public. It’s all very lovely, this idea that if you’re pure positivity and you focus consistently on your goal, that you can get where you’re going but that only happens for the people who are ready — who were already ready to get where they were going when they got that information. By the same token, affirmations work… for people who don’t need them, people who had exceptional parents, whose mothers had blissful pregnancies, and who experienced a kind of ‘blessed’ childhood allowing every cell of their bodies to know that life is good, telling them that life is easy and that they get what they want or need… and so they do… because they mostly always have… because, as a result of their cellular programming, they are naturally drawn to what will succeed for them. In short, what we get out of life is not what we put into it so much as it is what was put into us.

The good news is that what was put in can be changed, but it has to be changed from the inside, out, at the same level — cellular — that it entered in the first place. The programming you received in childhood or strongly charged programming that occurred later in life can be altered, but it has to be done by you. You can work with someone who can help you to change it but your self-awareness and persistence will still have to be involved. You have to make a commitment to your body and to its needs; you have to establish an honest and open relationship with your own body, showing it that you will earn its trust, trusting it to lead you to the place where merely surviving turns into thriving. Emotional cellular reprogramming is a process much like exercise is for the body and it requires a commitment.

There’s a good reason why bookstores have many shelves devoted to self-help books; most of those books help at least a little, but inevitably people end up back at the bookstore looking for something better, something different, something more that will help them get where they want to go because most of those books deal with the mind and changing the mind won’t go much farther unless the body is changed to match. Cellular reprogramming is a little more challenging than just reading a book about it; the books can only tell you what to do; you’re the one that has to do it and it can be demanding work, especially if you have endured abuse but I can tell you, as a person who has been doing it for 14 years (it only took five years to make the first significant change in my life and only two more to find myself living the best life I’d ever known), it is the most worthwhile thing you will ever do for yourself.

Changing the information that your body carries about life will actually and very literally change your life. The real Law of Attraction is written on every cell in your body and the universe can read you like a book. The life you are living is its review.