The Music of the Night
Jose Maria W@thepoetrydream

We were born from the dust of the stars.
 The Kybalion says that as it is above, so it is below, as it is inside, it is outside.
 What is up and what is down?
 Humanity has always been enchanted by the stars. The stars are the visual representation of Light in the darkness, small silver sighs that hold the velvet vault of the sky, trillions of colored pins pointing a song. They are the pulsed switches marking a particular path and the position of each influences the whole of the pathway. We have tried to count them; we have delineated their spaces between them, recreating them as figures for our minds, filling their spaces with silences. They are the top gear of the Music box. They are one of the Above.

With each Movement, the Cosmic Dance begins and the projection seeks to be reflected, the light seeks to be interpreted in the Matter, the information seeks the continent in which to lodge and manifest. The above seeks to live below.
 This dance happens every day in the light, every night in the dark; it is a constant ebb and flow; it is computation going from 0 to 1; it is Being or not-Being, the yin and the yang, balancing, looking for it through the compensation ‘surga’, a third force, a hidden energy for those who do not surpass the balance, 1 converted to 3, the equilateral triangle, its rotation through the positive, negative and neutral in the 4 cardinal points arising in the ‘baldachin’ of space . Matter is born; it is the experiential condensation of time; it is the soundboard, orography, the parchment that in its unrolling creates reality; it is the carpet of Aladdin on which we fly.

What is inside and what is outside?
 The information of the spheres comes to us and seeks to become conscious. The music we perceive is the tide; it is the force that seeks to take what is left inside us, because each of us are what we keep inside our hearts. Reality shows us the opposite reflection in a game of contrasts and differences. Energy comes to our energetic wheels, to the 7 realms associated with each of the virtues. The external comes each day to cleanse us of the leftovers of each scratched disc. When the first seven kingdoms are clean, they sound and allow you to enter the labyrinth of 8 and from there, with boldness and decision, jump to wisdom and complete the process of not being 0 to be 1 in 10, in a tale of 1001 nights. One by one we activate the internal switches, until we reached the 5 ones, Vitrubio, David.

Once this process is completed, you should hear the song clearly and compose your own work, Union of the divine harp of your mind and the bamboo flute, clean, serene, and nourished by your feelings.
 It is the soft, constant, focused sound that brings the score from inside to outside, it is the conquest of the promised land; it is to break with the mirrors that test you between 1 and 0; is to be 10; is to surpass #Sol ‘egolatra’ and ride you in a magical pickup, an elevator that goes up and up, to return in a vehicle the gift back to its origin, Above, and to fulfill that, down is also as above. The sky on earth, La La Land.
 What would happen if we moved the mirror stars to Origin? What Music would sound? … Eternity.

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