I am currently working on a chatbot Eddy that will help people to navigate in the world of product management.

But to lead people to professional perfection we had first to define this perfection. It’s how we created the PM Perfection Matrix that now lives in Eddy’s head.

Here is what makes the product manager great, and what Eddy trains:

  • High quality of decision making, because PMs decisions and its consistency determine the quality of product and, consequently, of customer experience;
  • Willingness to learn from others, because the market, its forces and customer expectations change frequently, and constant learning is the only way to meet these expectations and to be one step ahead of competitors;
  • Willingness to change things beyond the area of responsibilities, because ownership is the only way to cover gaps between teams’ and functions’ zones of responsibility and to provide integrity of customer experience.

These qualities have gradation that is perfectly aligned with Kano Model features division.

Just a reminder of how Kano Model looks like:

And here is the PM Perfection Matrix that we also call PMPM:

CX Director of am.ru, former Head of Usability Lab Beeline Russia

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