The law of attraction

What you put out is what you get

‘All that we are is a result of what we have thought.’
— Buddha

A couple of years ago, a co-worker of mine introduced me to the ‘law of attraction’. It is the concept that by channeling and focusing on positive or negative thinking, a person will then bring positive or negative experiences into their lives. The idea behind this is that people are made up of “energy”, and so similar energies attract each other. If you put out positive energy, you are more likely to attract people with the same type of energy as you. If you have a negative energy about you, you will probably deflect people with good energy. You get the jist.

For a little while, I didn’t totally understand the concept. In fact, I would say that I pretty much loved the idea, but dismissed it very quickly and never gave it a chance. But as time passed, and as the seed had been planted in my head, it only took a matter of time for me to realise how real the law of attraction is. Simply put, looking back to two years ago, I would say that I had a lot of bad energy. I was not as happy as I could have been, and definitely not as happy as I am now, because my thought processes were predominantly negative. I would say that I closed off a lot of opportunities to gain positive energy and in return had some pretty negative experiences. One big reason was because I was living in the past, rather than looking to make the most of what was happening then and there in my life, and using that as a tool to embrace what the future could bring.

The switch

After a while, the negative energy started to drain me. I allowed bad experiences to consume me and I spiralled into a bad cycle of anxiety and mild depression. I just couldn’t find a way out of the hole. And this is where you’ll think I’ll write about a magic switch, that I one day woke up and bounced out of bed with a totally different mentality. The reality? Not the case.

In fact, it took a lot of mental willpower and forcing myself to go out there and do things for the switch to happen. It certainly wasn’t an easy nor fast process. Yet it was an important journey to have made. Eventually, I started to see beauty in things that I once refused to see. I started living in the moment instead of allowing myself to be ruled by negative thoughts and energy. Simple things like walks in the park became a different experience, just because I had a changing outlook of life. I started to enjoy these small rituals and felt a connection with the things around me.

Now you may think that what I’m writing about is wishy-washy, and maybe to you it is. But Walt Whitman once said that ‘Nothing external to me has any power over me.’ And so I gained control over what my life is and will be by cultivating good thoughts and positivity from within, and by doing so attracted positive people and experiences. I’ve learnt that life will always be a messy process, and often there will be things that happen which will be out of our control, and we should most definitely give ourselves room to deal with those things. After all, we are human beings. But on the same note, those very experiences are part of the journey, and to be happy is to understand that happiness is not a destination, but that very journey itself.