Online Social Acceptance

“If there is no post, it did not happen” is the new “see to believe”

During the past year I have developed an irrational pursuit of online social acceptance. I constantly live experiences through my phone, and not reality. I forget and miss things because I was too focused on having the perfect angle or lighting. This is a developing habit I wish I could get rid off.

I have started to miss the days I would embrace the now without having to google something. Those days when I didn’t know the meaning of a word and I had to carry on with my life until I crossed paths with a dictionary.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. I can’t picture a world in which I had no access to the online world. But I do have my concerns and fears.

I fear that I will forget how to deeply feel something. Not just a surface feeling, but feel something in the moment without having to share with the world that I have felt it. Some things are meant to be personal, and sometimes I struggle with where the line is drawn.

I have a growing concern that what I share are merely constructed moments and poses, just to satisfy social expectations. And the problem is that people don’t expect much. They are, also, too busy constructing their utopian worlds as well.

That is me in the picture, trying to be cool.

I have resorted to making my posts interesting. From jumping to pretending to be lost, my Snapchat stories can be very entertaining as well. My excuse is that I enjoy making people laugh, both online and offline.

So I am stranded between online and offline life, trying to find a balance. A healthy balance that is. The “see to believe” is for others, not for me; and I fear it is robbing me from better, more meaningful experiences.