Making cosmetics, Step1 : Preparation, Tools and Ingredients

Advantages of the handmade creams

  • You are 200% sure of what’s inside. You made it.
  • You can test your ingredients to identify the allergic reactions.
  • Every cream is full of love and positive energy that you charge it with.

Building the basic DIY kit

There is nothing difficult in the Cosmetics production and you can start off with a simple budget (under 300$) and all of the components and tools can be found in the online stores. Here is the detailed list of what you’ll need and where to get what.


  • Mini-mixer (Ebay / Amazon) — make sure you don’t go for the cheapest option and get a good mixer. We had the experience of using the cheap mixer and its just too frustrating.
  • Glass Measure cups (Ebay / Amazon) — they are used both for heating up the phases and mixing them.
  • Set of droppers (Ebay) — you’d need droppers to precisely control the quantities of the oils that you’re adding
  • Very accurate electronic scales (Ebay) — you will be working with the very small amounts of ingredients and every drop will have it’s precise weight.
  • Laser Digital Thermometer (Ebay) — you would be measuring the exact temperatures of the oil and water phases and so you would need an industrial tools to do so.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 70% — you have to make all tools super clear, it helps your cream keep being fresh much longer. It’s easy to find in different pharmacies.
  • Cream jar (Ebay) — take a good convenient jar(new or used) to keep your cream in the fridge.


  • Natural oils: (here) — almond oil, grape-seed oil, jojoba oil,macadamia oil,etc.
  • Water phase:(better to get it from Walgreens or CVS) — distilled water or floral water (I would suggest not to spend money on it while still learning).
  • Natural butters:(here) — avocado butter, Shea butter, cocoa butter.
  • Active ingredients —vitamins A,C,E and provitamin B5 , hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide, essential oils,etc.
  • Emulsifier: (here) — Olivem 1000( it’s the best emulsifier for beginners) it helps to mix oil and water.

I hope that was useful. We’ll go into more action in the next post. I promise you. It’ll be lots of fun!

Love you!

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