We have always been at war with Eastasia.
Michael Arnovitz

I loved reading through this well-thought-out piece, one of the best I’ve seen on the subject. For me, the only thing missing is that it approaches but never quite reaches the “primal” why. And if you have the ability to stream ‘Michael Moore in Trumpland’ and haven’t seen it, don’t miss is. Basically, what Moore says is that the average, white, uneducated, American male (especially from the “heartland”) is dwindling. In numbers. There are fewer and fewer of them. And they’re terrified. I have another way of thinking about it: all of this is the “last gasp” of the good ole white boys’ club. They’re full of resistance and not goin’ down without a fight. Yet, as Obama pointed out, America will continue to become “browner” — that’s just a fact, not an agenda. It also has something to do with retaining “power” in the adult male psyche. I may be saying it awkwardly, but I think the psychological problem goes very deep. Right down a rabbit hole to nowhere at all.

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