Harper Juliet — V4V’s First Little Fighter

Harper Juliet Jacobsen is our very first Little Fighter. Harper, 11 months, began her battle against Cancersaurus on December 17th, 2015 and has been so brave since the start. While her official fighting team captains (doctors) keep calling her enemy Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), we will call it Cancersaurus because we know one day this terrible monster will be EXTINCT!

Harper has just finished her first round in the chemo-ring (chemotherapy) and we are anxiously waiting for the results. For now, Harper’s body is doing all that it can to stay strong and fight back against any attacks Cancersaurus might throw her way. She is getting the best attention and battle-boosts from her experienced fighting team while soaking up the love from her Heroes to keep her pushing through.

Here at V4V, we want to keep Harper, mommy and daddy smiling and fighting with all that they have. Please help us out by visiting our support page, Letters to Harper Juliet,to give our Little Fighter some battle tips, a fight-song and maybe sponsor some resources for the road ahead.

Let’s turn Harper’s battle into a victory!

Forever fighting with you… Victories for Veronica ❤

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