Our ecosystem is full of mobile app startups. Some of them are wonderful concepts while many are copy and paste from west. If you want to start a business in India, you should design a business model that will be successful in India. You will face several challenges but at the end, you will be the winner.

I have compiled a list of unique business ideas for Indian markets. Many are laughable while some are difficult to implement. But if you are able to crack the model, it will take no time to scale the venture.

You can check out the list of ideas here: Unique Business Ideas for Indian Market

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Thank you all for unwavering support To the progress of Victorieum Project.
Victorieum is more than just a crypto-backed banking platform. It is a living breathing revolution bound to bring around unprecedented change.

VICTORIEUM has officially been listed on the following exchange:

✳️ LATOKEN Exchange


Happy Trading


Dear Community,


We Want to use this opportunity to thank all the investors that have contributed immensely to the Victorieum Token sale.

The Victorieum team have a lot of milestones to achieve as we progress.🚀🚀🚀

At this stage of the Victorieum Project, distribution of purchased VTM tokens to investors is about to officially commence. The Process is simple: The Victorieum Team is Verifying all ERC-20 wallet address of investors that was registered & submitted during ICO & Pre-sale . All investors are required to send in email to the Victorieum team with a…

Dear community,

We are super excited to announce that we are on board again with our ICO crowdsale. The sale resumes on the 12th of Dec, 2018 and will continue till the 12th of Jan, 2019. We welcome investors to buy Victorieum tokens at a price of 6 cents and a whopping bonus of 50% on the token purchase. Visit our official website for more info. In case of queries or concerns, please join our official Telegram:

Again, thank you for your continued support and belief in the project.

The Victorieum Team

Hey all,

It is a deep regret for us to announce an early closure of our ICO sale. We would also like to add that this discontinuation is totally temporary and the sale will resume on the 20th of January, 2019. As for the reason for this interruption, we hope that the community is aware of the current crypto market state. The market lacks stability and there is little reason in continuing an ICO sale in such an unstable market.

However, in the meantime, we will be accepting funds from private investors through other modes of payment. Again, we appreciate the huge support from the community and regret the inconvenience caused by our decision.

For any related queries and concerns, please feel free to drop by in our Telegram community: https://t.me/victorieumtoken

Good luck!

Apart from just a struggling market, crypto users from around the world face some challenges on a regular basis. We are going to sum up some common challenges that Victorieum’s Crypto Bank and Exchange is designed to tackle. Let’s get started:

1. Stringent regulations: In many jurisdictions of the world, very strict regulations on crypto trading are in place. Such a regulatory system hampers the seamless trading of digital currencies. It not only spoils the overall trading experience for crypto users but also deeply affects the economy of the country. …

With the blockchain finding adoption in the banking sector, there are ICO projects like Victorieum that are optimizing banking operations with this hi-tech. However, there are tons of features that set Victorieum apart from other crypto-banking projects. Let’s take a look at what makes this exemplary platform more than just a crypto bank:

1. Offshore operations that ensure free-from-regulations crypto-backed banking.

2. The platform facilitates swift transactions with the help of the MT103 protocol.

3. Instant crypto to fiat swapping through the integrated Victorieumex exchange.

4. Reusable KYC and identity verification via CIVIC’s platform.

5. Highly secure platform backed by…

When it comes to banking, security is not something that can be comprised on. Blockchain-backed Offshore Bank and Exchange, Victorieum prides itself on providing the users with a highly secure fintech ecosystem where they can conveniently and safely receive full-fledged banking services. Here is what the power of CIVIC and Trezor offers:


CIVIC’s exemplary platform provides highly encrypted and secure identity verification of users with the help of blockchain technology. It creates on-demand access to customer identification and verification in real time. The whole purpose of the platform is to create digital identities for users or customers so they…

To Victorieum, customer comes first. This is why we make sure that the platform provides users with unmatched security, extremely low transaction fees, surprisingly high speed on the network, and optimum performance. In this age of technology, there are still users out there that are not entirely familiar with the basic functionalities of common technical elements. Banking is quite intricate in itself. The integration of banking with blockchain poses a threat to acquisition of a wide customer base. …


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