Features of Plaza and how they solve the problems of e-commerce


Talk about e-commerce and you are talking about everything thing that happens online. Yes, I said so. The e-commerce industry comprises of every activity that goes on online. In fact, the industry is one of, if not the fastest growing industry. The comfort of doing business online made it so. I mean, who wouldn't like to be massaged lying down on his couch while making some cool cash online. Most businesses have taken the snake by its tail by carving a niche for themselves. Just like making hay while the sun shines right? But as one could expect, this came with it a good number of corresponding difficulties.

As the e-commerce market increases, many problems erupted. Quest for transaction speed, reliable means and currency of payment, lesser transaction fees, etc, hitherto increased. These caused a traffic jam in the express running of businesses in the industry. Plaza is the proposed solution to these plaguing problems.

Introducing Plaza

Plaza is a platform that makes it possible for businesses and individuals alike to browse among set of goods and services for the convenience of selecting the best option. It sounds like buying and selling platform right? Yes! That's what it is but one that has been integrated with a sophisticated state-of-the-art search engine which will enable traders to explore various products and opportunities. With the high artificial intelligence integrated through the establishment of emerging technologies, Plaza will not only always be a go-to-get-it platform but will also be a marketplace for buyers to find the key to their utility.

Key and crazy features of plaza

Here are some mind-blowing features of plaza;

Dual cryptocurrency: The plaza team have proposed a dual cryptocurrency to serve as the fuel for the ecosystem due to the high volatility of the crypto market. Most times buyers tend to leave their purchase decision on the shoulders of the coin market trends. And due to the high volatility of the market, most of them tend to be indecisive at the end of the day. This problem is what the plaza team intelligently proposes to solve by introducing two cryptocoins: Plaza token and PlazaDollar.

  • Plaza token: This is a erc based token which is transferable to any erc compatible wallet. This token will serve as the driver of the ecosystem and can be stored in the plaza wallet or any erc compatible wallet.
  • PlazaDollar: This will serve as the transaction coin which the traders will use to buy and sell in the plaza platform. Hence, it means that the traders will be able to trade without the fear of the market's volatility.

Highly scalable ecosystem: According to plaza whitepaper (page 18), “The Plaza ecosystem will be built to be scalable and decentralised to ensure stability and sustainability in the long term. The ecosystem will involve the following participants: foundation, platform, sellers, consumers, arbitrators, miners and chatbots. Each participant will interact with others as depicted in the following diagram:”

This means that the problem of transaction speed will be a thing of history as the platform's speed is one of the future.

Plaza wallet: A highly decentralised secured wallet encrypted with a peer-to-peer enablement. This wallet will be multi-curreny with a serene user friendly interface. The private key and public key makes it more transparent yet very secured.

Plazacard: This is a debit card that enables traders to buy and sell products easily on the platform. If you buy a product, the equivalent value of the product will be deducted from your wallet. Wow! Talk of mainstream adoption and bringing value to the real world, is this not the best of its kind? The mind-blowing thing is that the process will just be the same as it would be with any other bank-issued debit or credit card.


The problems of e-commerce seems unending. The list goes on and on. With the advent of the plaza project, daybreak is near. The plaza platform with its amazing features, no doubt have a stupendous weapon to deal with the inadequacies that has plaqued the industry. Not only that! Plaza will also serve as a wheel through which the aim of making the blockchain technology widely accepted will come to pass. This it will do through its real world application of its business model.

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