Advantages of Forex Trading over Stocks Trading

There are many reasons why you should choose Forex trading over Stocks trading. Let us know them in detail.

Trading choices which are more manageable- One of the key factors in choosing Forex over stocks is the ease of choosing a currency pair. In stocks there are thousands of choices and investor has to choose those stocks carefully which are profitable for him. But in currency market there are fewer choices and the job of the trader is much simpler. There are only a few major pairs and most of the traders perform trading on one or more of these major pairs. So less confusion in this case.

High liquidity- High Liquidity is observed in Forex market due to currency market being much larger than the stock market. Due to this high liquidity in Forex market, margins are low in Forex trading and leverage high.

24 Hour trading- Forex market offers trading round the clock and this means that you do not have to wait for the market opening to open or close trades when you want. Due to round the clock trading hours, traders can trade currencies at their convenient timings along with their main business.

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