A day with my Lover

Peeem…peeem I was honking really loud to the car in front of me, it’s 5:10pm and I’m late to pick up mumsy for Monday’s prayer meeting. I was singing so loud to the song from the radio, I would have typed the lyrics but it’s despasito and like you I don’t know the lyrics too, except the chorus or the English part.

Something has changed about me, I wasn’t this excited through out the day, as a matter of fact this morning was one of those mornings you’d say I woke up on he wrong side of the bed.

I was angry at myself, why? I don’t know, maybe one of those moments but I was not happy, I felt I should be more than I am now, I should be somewhere else. Maybe the unemployment thing is doing skiiiiaaaaa in my head. I took this face and mood out and the only other time I smiled or put on a cheerful countenance were the moments I was with customers and I had to fake it.

I wish I was doing something else with my time, or maybe the thought of this was what angered me.

Pzzzzzz, my Phone was vibrating, it must be her as I stretched my hands towards the phone using my other hand to support the book I was reading. I’ve been waiting for her call, I’ve missed her and we were meant to meet. She must be calling to find out where I was, but no it was loads of messages from whatsapp friends and groups. It’s 4:03pm and finally, a call, I opened the phone face up, sliding the answer screen right to answer the call, it was my mum,another errand, things you get from living with them and unemployed.

And thi one of those errands I didn’t like, you needed to see me put my driving skills to great use, Jason statam would have been proud of me, all this so I can finish on time and catch up with my girl.

4:50pm and I was done, she was already waiting for me, I hugged her sooo tight like a bear would. And mShe lighted my face and mood, as there’s something special about her, she restored my humor. The meeting was short and barely lasted 15 minutes “can we meet After the prayer meeting?” She asked, I’m not alone in this feelings things, yes! Yes!

Th next thing we were ordering pizza and ice cream, it was a cool night, the breeze, the stars as we laughed, giggled and made jokes of everything. We didn’t care who was watching, it was a long night, one I’d cherish.

11:30pm and it’s time to say goodnight, we hugged as we said goodbye to each other. Went home immediately, and sleep was the next thing on agenda but first a short prayer, even Jesus would know I met with one his His angels today as I smiled all through the prayer 🙏🏽