Let’s do business

Ooh, where has this pen walked to again, it keeps wondering off every now and then, especially when I need to make use of it. Doesn’t it understand that I’m trying to put my thoughts together.

I was feeling disorganized with my black traditional attire looking all rough with waves on it, I’m less concerned as I’m still trying to put myself together for my business meeting with Acacia cakes CEO.

We finally met and spoke at length sealing a deal to work together on making her tent of service and my decoration useful.

Zoom with the wind I was gone, I had another client waiting up for me at utako, seems like a busy day right, so much for a day that looked like one of those long boring day where the only excitement was driving my mum down to the airport to catch her flight to Lagos. Lagos is a busy city, everybody is in a hurry, the car honk, the busy traders conductors shouting, school children crossing everybody is moving at the same time, I can feel the heat here already. But there is so much fun in Lagos likewise, they have the best beach, the best dJ, clubs and it seem every social event was going down in Lagos.

Another client won over and it seemed as if the day was hitting the peak but not yet, the most exciting part of my day is just about to begin. I paid in dollars for this, I found myself driving long distance to give free speeches, and evaluations. I am a toastmaster and a proud one at that, I enjoy every bit of our meetings and I was playing a role today, makes it even more interesting. Happy smiling faces lit up the room everyone seem to have gotten the memo.

Even our guest couldn’t help but fit in and smile along. Two hours like two minutes, it was time to go home.

I drove home listening to some nice music from the radio, I started to think about my girl again, this would have been a wonderful evening for another night date but sometimes responsibilities wouldn’t make it so.

I’m hungry and I only hope there is food at home, yay there is food as I ate while scrolling through my twitter TL. Why is the FG trying to borrow $5.5 billion, for what? This country is a joke, the NNPC saga is still on and ….you know what? Never mind