The Thing go skrr ra papakakapa

The thing go skirr ra paka pakaka,the heavy drops of rain caught up with me as I was waiting for my mum at the airport,I was barely able to sit as I was getting late for toast masters meeting.

I was feeling like a time management expert as I had earlier predicted we’d be late if I had euroute airport and lo the fortune teller was right, I was late,I could barely sit as I walked from one end to the other trying to find the last gaps of patience remaining in me.

one mind was telling me to relax and enjoy the moment,the other convinced me to flare up and be angry at my mum,thank God I disobeyed the latter as the preaching this morning resonated in my mind again about anger.

we discussed explicitly about anger and why we should curb it,I remember saying we shouldn’t take decisions when angry as anger was a temporary feeling.

I didn’t allow myself be a do as I say,as I obeyed the latter,enjoying the moment and the cool breeze that accompanied the mum was finally here admits the was still raining cat and dogs as we hoped in the rain to where the car was parked.

on getting to the car you can guess we were drenched was a long journey to our toastmaster venue,but we had a good gist in the car,we spoke about my grandmother who was old and grey already and also about the decoration job I had done today at Chopsticks maitama.

white and gold droppings flowing from the beautiful,well painted wall,the art work on the wall made it even extra elegant,if you know me,you would know I love adding glamour to the event venue,the most interesting part was that the client loved it,earning extra cash *wink*. she was also proud of our progress in PEF decoration.

Drive carefully she interrupted me,the ground is slippery you know it’s raining.On getting to our toastmaster venue,they had started and we were late but hey! better late than never.

I walked with pride to the leeteen as my profile was read out to come and lead the table topics session.Interesting moment as it was my first time leading the session.

My girl ain’t feeling too well, wish I could take the pain for her or maybe not. Adios

Live love serve