How to WIN at Social Media

So after analyzing some businesses and looking at their actions and reactions (strategies) towards social digital marketing, I am very much baffled by the inability of them in not seeing an opportunity in the digital space and even with those who are on it and are putting out “content” still don’t understand or get any valuable ROI from it.

There’s a need to understand that being overly promotional “…buy my product, buy my services or we have the best of this and the best of that…” will not get you clients it will do the reverse by pushing them against your brand or business no one goes online to be sold to.

There’s a thin line between content and audience, it’s called relevancy. If you’re busy putting out content that doesn’t connect with your audience or they can’t relate to it in anyway then my friend you’re on your way out of business.

One thing I need you take home from this post is to understand this “ATTENTION IS EVERYTHING!” almost 5 million Kenyans use social media every month and that’s attention but this rant doesn’t stop there, the other valuable part that needs to be understood is, before you can tell me or anyone else of how great your product is or how your service will change “my life” you need my attention and to get it you must be very aware of what your target audiences’ needs & wants. Your work is to now reverse engineer the whole thought process to gap their need and not pounder them with what you think they need.

Learn the space (do your homework) and start putting in the work by creating content that matters to your audience, provide VALUE by educating them about your product and industry, work on their pain points before working on yours (sales targets/company goals etc).

Learn about having a simple website for your small business get on Facebook and learn about how Facebook ads work.

The ability to reach up to 2,500-1M+ people a day is enormous advantage to any brand or business with the right marketing strategy and also depending on your budget. No excuse now for any person with a passion and does what they love. . .to be continued on my next post.

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