SnapChat Takeover!!!

While most of us live to treasure memories, today’s generation seem to prefer living in the moment and sharing it. We clearly see this through the modern technology and the applications that comes with it. Snapchat, among many other apps have been created to favour today’s generation needs.

Unlike any other app, it allows users to capture videos and pictures but what sets it apart, is that the videos and pictures self-destruct after a few seconds. Where unless you put it in your story and it will delete after 24hrs from the time you posted the video or picture.

Also, when a user sends a message or picture, they get to decide whether it will live for between 1 and 10 seconds. After that it’s gone, or some would say disappear within the net world.

This can be great thing because it offers a sense of freedom. people can share the silly, fleeting moments of the day that don’t rise to the level of other social media apps like Instagram or Facebook post that documents their lives.

Over the years, snapchat has been used for personal social media purposes but the fact that it is trending and mostly used between the 18–30 demographic, news organizations and media houses are turning to it to reach out to this specific demographic.

Personally, I think it’s a fantastic idea. When I think of snapchat, I think of it as a more visually appealing way of live tweeting with the use of pictures and videos. Journalist, reporters or activists use live tweeting to interact and inform their audiences on what’s happening with a current situation. So why not use snapchat?

I have a friend who is interning at NPR in Washington and says that snapchat is one of their new social media handles that has made it easier to report on current circumstances like marches, protests and any live stories. This is a good example of a day-to-day use of snap chat in the newsroom.

Ever since snap chat came out, it has evolved and accustomed to its other competitors. It has recently expanded to become more like a traditional social network, with a new Memories feature that can save your formerly short-lived images. Although still strives in maintaining its original purpose in defining current moment in time. This allows one to have the best of both worlds. If you are a big fan of the other or “older” social media apps, with snapchat you will get the same use.

Taylor fuller, a colleague of mine suggested that through the Snapchat discovery page, news stations could post headlines and upcoming or breaking stories. Within a given radius, people around that area will be able to keep up with local news around their area through snapchat. Although there is a possibility that this local news stations might be charged by snapchat, there are assured of reaching their targeted audience. Hence making it a worthwhile investment.

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