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Pokemon Ruby is the third advanced episode of the Pokemon series of role-playing video games and that is why a lot of people are looking for the Pokemon Ruby ROM. The company involved in distributing the Pokémon Ruby is Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. The game was released in Japan first, in the year 2002 and was then released internationally in the year 2003. The Pokémon Ruby is part of the third generation of the Pokémon video game series, the generation is otherwise known as the advanced generation. The remakes of the game, titled Omega Ruby, was released for the Nintendo 3dimensions worldwide in the year 2014, precisely twelve years to the date of the original Pokémon Ruby release date, excluding only Europe, where the Pokémon ruby was released later the same year. Such a well-designed game might tempt the user the ability to alter levels. It is for this reason we have made Pokémon Ruby Rom which allows high level editing from your end. Download it here for Free

According to IGN entertainment, the Pokémon Ruby was a success having sold around sixteen million copies worldwide, as a matter of fact it was the game that sold the most for the game boy advance. With the aim of creating a theme song for the Pokémon Ruby, Nintendo organized a contest in which the participants were to submit videos of themselves singing the original Pokémon theme song with their own re-written lyrics. After the Pokémon ruby game was launched, it together with Pokémon sapphire were met with mostly positive reviews. IGN gave them a “Remarkable” 9.5 out of 10 rating and they also awarded the games with the Editor’s Choice Award; in the year 2007.


The basic mechanism of the Pokémon Ruby is mainly the same as that of its predecessors. As with all the other Pokémon games which are played using hand-held pads, gameplay is in third-person, overhead outlook and consists of three basic screens: the player is given a field map in which he would use to control the main character, a combat screen and the menu, with which the player organizes his party, items, or settings of the gameplay. The person playing begins the game with a single Pokémon, although as he goes on, he can capture more Pokémon using Poké Balls. The player also has a choice to use their Pokémon to fight another Pokémon. In the event the player comes across a wild Pokémon or he is challenged by a trainer to a fight, the screen changes to a turn-based combat screen where the Pokémon will engage in a fight. If you want to take your gameplay, you can always try Pokémon Ruby Rom for more advanced features and cheats.

During the battle, the player has many options, he may choose to fight, he can also use an item, switch their current Pokémon, or he can get away although the latter is not an option in fights against trainers. As you continue to play, you will notice that all Pokémon have hit points (HP). In the event the hit point of a Pokémon is reduced to zero, it faints and is not in a position to fight again until it is revived. On the other hand, If the player’s Pokémon defeats the opposing Pokémon, it causes the other Pokémon to faint, and itself receives experience points. As the points increase, the level of the Pokémon increases too making it possible for it to evolve into a much better species.

How Does the Pokemon Ruby ROM Work?

Our Pokemon Ruby ROM is a well-coded downloadable editor which you can get online is available for the lovers of the game. It is easy to use and convenient to use and comes with a great platform for one to play on. It gives you access to the game along with certain editing tools, which you can use to manipulate the gameplay. It gives you first-hand access to designing your own experience. The Pokemon Ruby ROM may be just the editor you are looking for. Download It here

The design of the Pokémon Ruby has always involved a lot of plans and thoughts, this because players are required to learn which version of the Pokemon works best against other versions of Pokemon. Provided that there are more than 350 different versions of Pokémon to have in your collection, this inspires a large variety of teams to create. This design of the Pokémon ruby includes more strategy thanks to a few additions to the gameplay. The addition that is obvious to everyone is, of course, the new two-on-two battles; in this new feature, the person playing will be required to toss out two different Pokemon to fight the opposing creatures. This new feature is not as much different from the one-on-one battles; however, they do add a bit to the strategy because some attacks will affect either one or both, or even the partner Pokemon, therefore it is up to the players to know which attacks the best during these different types of fights.

The game also allows Pokemon to apply moves of different types; a flying Pokemon can now be able to have grass or electric attacks in its arsenal. Players can feed items to the Pokemon that can be applied in battles, things like wild (another feature to the game) have specific Pokemon-enhancing qualities, these qualities include raising the health points or a move’s power points and removing poison or a burn. And when a trainer gives these items to hold during a fight, the Pokemon can automatically use them when needed.

There are other “hold” items to put into use in the adventure, from items that raise your attack or defense skills, shares experience points with Pokemon which are not active, it can even double the money that is usually awarded at the end of a fight. When a player discovers how to apply these items during a fight as well as trying to know if the opponents Pokemon holds specific items, he increases the overall challenge and strategies of Pokemon. There are also new features in this advanced Pokémon Ruby Rom which allow the games to be played on a TV through the GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable. Options like taking screenshots of the game are now available using this mode. Another new feature is the “Showcase”, whereby, the players are now able to create and show game pieces of Pokémon.

For a long time, fans who have the knowledge, the software and the creative ability to do so, have been making unofficial Pokémon games in the form of ROM hacks. Most of these unofficial games can now be found online for free. Some are even stacked onto actual Game Boy Advance cartridges, and illegally sold to unwitting gamers. Since one cannot easily get a cartridge required to play the game it is important to have ROM in order to play the genuine Pokémon game.

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