MoonXBT: The First Social Crypto Trading Platform

INTRODUCTION: I know the question most people who haven't heard of MoonXBT normally ask is What is MoonXBT?, What Problems does it solve?, Through what means does it solve it?, Why is it preferable to others?, Well those questions are about to be answered. Join me as we dig deep on MoonXBT

ABOUT MOONXBT: It is the world's first Social Crypto Currency Trading Platform, focussing on the deep integration of trading and social interaction. So it does not basically focus on the trading aspect alone but also communicate so as to know the progress you have made. The type of Trading offered by MoonXBT is known as Contract Trading.

You haven't heard of it before or how it works??

WHAT IS LIGHT CONTRACT TRADING: Here, trading is made easier as you do not need to purchase the assets itself rather the contract of the asset. It is a form of derivatives trading. This is more preferable because you avoid the risk of owning the asset rather you make profit from the price changes of the assets by predicting either the rise or fall of prices in the rapidly changing global financial markets such as Stocks, Foreign exchange and Digital Currencies. It has a convenient trading tool in volatile markets like Digital Currencies, allowing traders to maximize profits from daily price fluctuations. It is simple, fast and easy to understand. More reasons why you should choose MoonXBT Light Contract Trading; It has a transparent price chart where you can watch your asset and trading live, It offers high liquidity on every trading, It has high leaverage and low fees for trading, it is fully functional, highly secured as it has a Google authenticator and two factor authentication which you can activate on the app, low risk is involve as you only purchase the contract and not the asset itself, easy entry to trading as you can start with as low as 1USDT. It's amazing right.

The next question will be How do I get Started?

HOW TO GET THE MOONXBT TRADING APP: The best thing is that you can get the MoonXBT trading app from the Apple store (for Apple users) or Google play store (for Android users).

You just need to visit the one that is applicable to you and then search "MoonXBT trading app", and it will display

Then you click on "Install". The good thing is that it does not require too much to download.

After installing the app, you click on "Open" to gain access to the app

When you have gotten access to the app, Click on "Login/Register". Since you are a new user, you will have to register first and you can either use your email or phone number.

After you are done registering, you then click on "Login".

When you must have Finish with the above steps, then you are ready to experience the best trading platform. MoonXBT also gives out free trading bonus to all it's new users.

FEATURES OF MOONXBT: There are some features that is very important in the Crypto currency sector and markets and I am glad to tell you that MoonXBT has all of them. They include:

AML/KYC COMPLIANT: KYC/AML rules form a big part of the efforts being made to regulate the Crypto currency space. MoonXBT can boast of having the Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy ("AML/KYC" Policy) which is designed to prevent and mitigate Possible risk of NANO TRADE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED and it's affiliates ("MoonXBT" being involved in any kind of money laundering, terrorism financing, drug and human trafficking, Poliferation of weapons and mass destruction, transactions with any sanctioned subject and other similar illegal activities. The AML/KYC Policy covers the following matters;

Verification Procedures

Compliance Officer

Monitoring Transactions

Risk Assessment

MINIMIZE RISK IN THE MARKET: MoonXBT has reduced the risk involved by allowing the users to only purchase the contract of the assets rather than owning the asset itself. The MoonXBT platform fees for Commission, Overnight and transaction fees are relatively low. It does not charge deposit fees. It only charges withdrawal fees and that depends on the different chain types and the degree of the blockchain congestion.

Start your MoonXBT Light Contract Trading Journey Now

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