Local Food Restaurant Analogy on Mutual Funds.

Victor Oyovota
Jul 22, 2019 · 2 min read

Mutual Funds Expert: Please, have your seat.

Curious Future Customer sits.

Mutual Funds Expert: How can I help you?

Curious Future Customer: I want to know about mutual funds.

Mutual Funds Expert: Okay.

Curious Future Customer: What is mutual funds about?

Mutual Funds Expert: Good question. Mutual Funds is an investment programme funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and it is professionally managed.

Curious Future Customer is confused. Mutual Funds Expert sees it.

Mutual Funds Expert: I’ll explain better. I want you to picture you and your friends walking into a top fancy local food restaurant. You order for a local food, but you discover it’s expensive and you can’t afford it. What do you do? You go meet your friends, tell each of them to contribute and if they do, each will have a taste of the sweet local food.

Curious Future Customer smiles.

Mutual Funds Expert (smiles): Your friends agree and you go back to buy whatever you wanted. Does that make sense?

Curious Future Customer: It’s starting to be clear a bit. What more do I need to know? How does it connect to mutual funds?

Mutual Funds Expert: You and your friends are the multiple investors. We use the funds or money gotten from you to invest in assets for you. You will earn high returns in your investments and we will provide you with a professional funds manager who will help to take away the stress of you always keeping track or monitoring your funds. Is that clear now?

Curious Future Customer: Yes. What else?

Mutual Funds Expert: Now if you can’t afford the price. Let’s say NGN 1000 was the food bought. We have other food prices that is affordable for Nigerians. It’s called retail mutual funds and with a low price of NGN 100, you can get it, even from the comfort of your home using a smart phone. You don’t have to come to the restaurant.

Curious Future Customer interest piques.

Mutual Funds Expert: So, the challenges you had is now an advantage. And we will be transparent with your investments and the restaurant is open for everyone willing to invest, but we advise you and everyone to go with the price you can afford.

Victor Oyovota

Written by

B2B Video Scriptwriter. Brand Storyteller. Screenwriter. "If you knew who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible" Wayne Dyer

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