City of Banjarmasin and Kota Kita join a growing number of signatories to the Global Compact on Inclusive and Accessible Cities

Dr. Victor Pineda
Oct 25 · 3 min read
Left to Right (World Enabled’s Pong Cruz, Mayor Ibnu Sina, and Kita Kota’s Paulita Surjadi)

On October 15, 2019, during the seventh Asia Pacific Urban Forum held in Penang, Malaysia, Mayor Ibnu Sina of Banjarmasin, together with Kota Kita Foundation (@kotakitaorg), committed to making the city of Banjarmasin a City for All. The city chief executive further strengthens his efforts for the disability community in his city by signing the Global Compact on Inclusive and Accessible Cities and joining “Cities for All” — a campaign led by the non-profit consulting organization World Enabled (@WorldEnabled).

Mayor Ibnu Sina underscored the need to ensure that public facilities promote more inclusive design practices to make them more accessible. In addition, Sina stressed that the Perda policy (Indonesia’s regional regulations that are carried by their local governments) is geared towards providing comfortable lives to the disability community and eliminating marginalization in the city of Banjarmasin. Mayor Ibnu Sina also highlighted that the city government is addressing disability issues in the city no matter how small that demographic number is. He recognized that the regardless of the current number, it will inevitably grow as a result of several factors such as an aging population, natural disasters, diseases, accidents, and the like. As such, he believes that it is imperative for the city of Banjarmasin to be more universally inclusive to prepare for the future population. “Yes, it was related to inclusion and people with disabilities, we also have signed a joint commitment,” said Ibnu Sina. Ibnu Sina’s recent efforts have received positive attention from social workers, media representatives, and other volunteers that participated in this momentous event for Banjarmasin.

World Enabled’s own Senior Research Analyst John Paul Cruz or Mr. Pong also gave appreciation and noted that what Banjarmasin has done can be a role model for cities in the Asia-Pacific. “We are very pleased with Banjarmasin’s commitment to inclusion. We rarely encounter regions that are very concerned even in terms of funding and commitment, it is very important to make citizens care for people with disabilities. I commend the Mayor for his achievements in making his City of Banjarmasin disability inclusive. I hope that more cities around the world can replicate what Banjarmasin has done,”said Mr. Cruz.

Kota Kita’s communication specialist, Paulita Surjadi, added, “We are very appreciative because of the real development, without government support it will definitely not work, but in essence the synergy of the people together with the government is baayai, and there is also an MoU signed as well.” It is known in Banjarmasin, that conceptualizing a city with a disability must be continuously planned while implementing projects and the construction of all lines. It’s a concept that is spearheaded and shaped by three important aspects including regulation, public services, and community awareness/acceptance of citizens with specialized needs.

With the Global Compact, the city of Banjarmasin commits to the principles of non-discrimination, accessibility, participation, inclusive urban policies and programs, capacity building, and data for development.

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