The Human Commandments

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These are thoughts from nobody in particular, just someone who fears for the future of humanity in general. Not just because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, but because of what the human race is rapidly becoming.

I will say straight out of the gate that I have no religious beliefs, as is my right. However, I do feel that aspects of The Ten Commandments offer some guidance on how to behave as a decent human being. Perhaps with this in mind, it could be time to bring things up to date with some modern day suggestions, questions or principles. These ideas can work alongside the original commandments, regardless of your personal or religious beliefs, to help improve the way humans live with and interact with each other.

If you are reading this, I thank you for taking the time to consider my ramblings and I hope that you stay for the whole ride. I am in no way forcing my opinions on anyone who is reading this, I’m just putting my thoughts out there, to see if others feel the same way that I do. I have not researched public opinion or anything online prior to writing this. These are just my thoughts pouring out through my keyboard.

You may agree with some of the points that follow, you may totally disagree with everything. That’s the beauty of it, which as a fellow human being is entirely your right. Even though we are all human, we are all different in our own way. It would be a boring place if we were all the same; if everyone liked the same things and we all had the same beliefs. It’s what makes us interesting as a species.

Considering the way that such small things go viral on the internet these days, perhaps positive ideas like this could spread in the same way that COVID-19 is doing right now. To bring something good into a world which is seeing so much death and tragedy at the moment.

Here we go!

We are all human

With the current COVID-19 crisis, it is most definitely a time which reinforces this notion and shows us just how fragile we are as a species. We all breathe air and we are all at risk of being infected with this terrible virus.

As we are all human, we all have rights and are entitled to our own beliefs or opinons. However, even though we are entitled to them, it doesn’t mean that:

  • Our beliefs or opinions are always right.
  • Another person’s beliefs or opinions are wrong or less significant, just because they don’t align with ours.
  • We have the right to force our beliefs or opinions on others.

More serious questions are:

What gives one human the right to inflict violence, hatred, anger, oppression or their own will on another human being?

The answer is simple, ‘nothing’.

Does one human have the right to harm, abuse, torment, bully or kill* any other human?

The answer is simple, ‘no’.

There are those who may disagree with the above. In which case, I would say to them:

Pause for a moment, then think about the one person you care about the most in the world. Now, ask yourself, how you would feel if somebody else was hurting them? Does someone else have the right to hurt your loved one? If your answer is ‘no’ (which it absolutely should be), then, by that rationale, does any human have the right to hurt another human? Especially, if they don’t like their race, or agree with their religion, beliefs, sexuality etc? Surely, the logical answer to this question has got to be ‘no’ too?

We are all human, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion or personal beliefs. As such, we all deserve to be treated equally, given the same rights and not be subjected to any form of harm.

*I know there are grey areas regarding the killing of another human being, such as in times of war, or in countries where the death penalty is still enforced. The Ten Commandments themselves highlight that killing is not allowed. However, I cannot cover the topic within this article, as it is a huge subject in itself. Perhaps something for discussion another day?

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Children should have the opportunity to be children

The world we live in at the moment can be a terrible place, especially for and where children are concerned. Shouldn’t all children should be entitled to a stable, loving home; with parents who put them first, ahead of their own needs? Unfortunately, this is often not the reality, with children born into poverty or situations where forms of abuse take place.

To this notion, I ask the following question:

If you cannot provide a child with love, food, clean water, clothing, warmth, shelter and safety; should you be having or planning to have a child in the first place?

Michael Jackson sang “If you can’t feed your baby, then don’t have a baby!” Surely there has to be some truth in that sentence?

There are exceptions to most things in life, so it goes without saying that there are other unplanned scenarios where the above considerations will not or cannot be taken into account at conception. However, to prevent this post becoming as long as War & Peace, I will not attempt to cover all bases here.

Children should also be able to hold onto their innocence for as long as possible. Life is short enough, then all too soon the responsibilities which come with adulthood are thrust upon them. So, why are children encouraged to grow up so fast these days? Let children be children for as long as they can.

For the fortunate ones, childhood is a care-free period of life, where they get to learn, develop, build friendships and have fun. For the unfortunate ones, they are children growing up only knowing poverty, living in foster or care homes, being abused by adults, or being bullied by other children.

We have evolved to be very intelligent beings, so there must be another way to stop these kind of things happening.

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Bullies are cowards

Having felt the effects of bullying first hand and knowing others who have also been bullied. I wish the following messages would just get through to these idiots:

The following is for all of the bullies out there:

Cyber bullying is not funny, it has lead to many suicides. Ask yourself this question: Do you really want to be responsible for someone choosing to end their own life because of your actions?

One person, outnumbered and being picked on by a group of bullies is dispicable. It doesn’t make members of that group big and clever, all of you are totally spineless!

Wanting to hurt someone because they’re different from you is wrong. You’re the ‘freak’, not them!

Anyone who thinks they are cool because they are a bully, seriously needs mental help.

Realise this. Nobody actually likes a bully, they’re all just scared of you. It’s highly probable that you have no real friends!

Does hurting someone really make you feel good about yourself? If so, what is wrong with you?

Stop and think how you would feel if someone bigger or stronger was bullying you. If you wouldn’t like it, then don’t do it yourself!

One day, you might have a child or a loved one who gets bullied. I genuinely feel sorry for them and know what they are going through. I really hope that if this happens to someone you care about, a positive thing will come from it. When they come home crying because they’ve been beaten up, or been the victim of relentless tormenting and harassment. This will be hopefully be the day when you remember that you do or did similar things to others. Maybe then you will realise what a scumbag you really are.


Sorry about that, it had to be said.

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There is no place for greed, when there are still people in need

With all of the wealth in the world, why are men, women and children still dying needlessly? For many reasons, such as poverty, starvation, homelessness or not having access to clean water, medicines or medical attention when they need it.

There is enough wealth in the world so we could make it one world, not a first world and a third world. People should not be dying because they don’t have access to basic human needs. Especially, when there are those individuals who have millions of Dollars, Pounds, Euros etc., that they will never get to spend in their lifetime. What is wrong with these people?

There is enough money and technology in the world today to resolve these problems, so why doesn’t it happen? The answer, greed, corruption, selfishness and so on. Thankfully, there are some with wealth who do give a great deal to charity and try hard to improve the world, but unfortunately they are in the minority.

Then there are the less developed countries, where the leadership is more interested in fighting civil wars against other groups. Who in turn are fighting to topple the current dictator/president and get themselves into power. They want to replace a person, who let’s face it is only in their position because of greed, fear mongering and lack of respect for human life. Such people are only interested in protecting their positions and wealth, buying more weapons so they can kill anything that gets in their way. Rather than providing food, clean water, medicines and shelter for their fellow countrymen.

The human race is capable of so much to be proud of. For example, the charitable response in generating aid, to help countries where natural disasters have struck. But equally, there is plenty that we should be ashamed of, especially if we continue to turn a blind eye to this situation.

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Treat people how you expect to be treated yourself

This is a simple lesson I have always tried to teach my own children.

If you treat others with respect then the same respect should be returned to you. In a lot of cases these days, this sadly does not always turn out to be true. However, we’ve got to start somewhere.

When it comes to doing or saying something to another person, people need to think about their actions before they start.

A rule of thumb should be:

If you cannot be nice to someone, don’t say or do anything; just keep on walking!

For those who find it hard to be nice to others:

Ask yourself, if you would want to be spoken to or treated like that? If the answer is ‘no’, then why should you do or say that to someone else? Think hard about how you would want to be spoken to, or treated, then do that instead. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp when you think about it. You won’t always get it right, but at least if you try to do or say the right thing, it’s a start.

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Manners cost nothing

They are literally one of the very few things in life which are actually free, so why not try to use them as much as possible?

For those who have forgotten their manners, here’s a quick lesson:

  • If you ask for a person for something say ‘Please’. If they give it to you, say ‘Thank You’.
  • If you ask a person to do something for you, say ‘Please’. If they do it, say ‘Thank You’.
  • If a person does something nice for you, or gives you something, say ‘Thank You’.
  • If someone is struggling through a doorway with lots of bags, hold the door open for them. If you are that person, be grateful and say ‘Thank You’.

Hopefully, they will get the picture now.

It always amazes me to witness how often people forget such simple things as good manners. With the last example, I have lost count of the amount of times where I have held a door open for someone; then they have just walked through without any acknowledgment, as if I was their own personal doorman. To these people, I generally say ‘Thank You’ after they go past, loud enough for them to hear it. Hopefully, they will then realise how rude they have just been.

It’s not a difficult concept, but something that seems to be forgotten a great deal more these days. Perhaps the world could become a better place to live in if we all tried to treat each other with some respect and kindness.

The place to start is with the children, by teaching them the importance of manners. If done, correctly, these children will teach their children, who will go on to teach their children and so on, and so on.

The old saying that states “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” is very apt. If we plant the seed of good manners and kindness for our children, it will be passed on from generation to generation. That’s got to be a good thing, hasn’t it?

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A person’s sexuality is their own business, not yours!

Whatever adults of a legal age engage in, or do in their private lives, is up to them. As long as all parties are consenting and are operating within the law in their local area or country.

The above goes back to the first point, we are all human and should all have equal rights. Some may not agree with, or be tolerant of other people’s sexualities in the LGBTQ+ world. The existence, beliefs or preferences of such people may be offensive to them, or against their own religion or personal beliefs.

However, to those people I say:

It doesn’t make you right and them wrong, even if your religion or moral compass tells you just that. You are entitled to your beliefs or religion, but as I’ve said before, it doesn’t mean that you are always right. So, before you become abusive or violent towards someone who doesn’t match your preferences or beliefs; think about that first, calm down and then mind your own business.

For balance, if you are on the other side of this argument, please be respectful and don’t go out of your way to offend those who don’t share your preference or beliefs. Respect works both ways.

Most importantly, children should not be exposed to, or affected in any way by adult related behaviour. Surely, they deserve to maintain their innocence for as long as possible?

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Workplace gender is irrelevant.

Should gender even be a consideration when it comes to giving a person a job or the same pay? Logically, the answer has to be ‘no’, as long as the person can do the same job.

As the countless many have fought for equality in past, surely it’s about time that gender is overlooked completely. It should come down to the following question instead:

“Can this person actually do the job?”

If a person, can do a job in exactly the same way as a member of the opposite sex, then they deserve the same opportunities and pay.

There are people from all genders who vary in size and strength. Those who have greater intelligence or skills. Let’s say that you are advertising for somebody to landscape your garden, it’s overgrown and a complete mess. Two people apply for the job:

Applicant 1:
Male, is not physically fit and has no gardening experience.

Applicant 2:
Female, is physically fit and has 10 years of gardening experience.

Logically, you would give the job to the second applicant. Not because they are male or female, but because they are fit enough to do the job and they have the relevant experience. Gender should never be a factor.

Not much else that can be said about that really!

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Nobody should be above the law

Society has evolved to introduce rules and laws for the benefit of everyone. To keep people safe, to protect them from being harmed by others and make things fair for everyone. These laws do not always get it right, but if we had none at all, imagine the chaos the world would be in.

So, why are there people who think that they are above the law, that the rules don’t apply to them? Be honest, we all know people like this.

Some simple examples:

  • Those who believe that the COVID-19 restrictions shouldn’t or don’t apply to them.
  • Those who drive their cars, motorbikes etc., everywhere at speed, with no regard for the safety of others.
  • Those who chose to take/steal whatever they want in life, rather than work hard for things as most of us do.
  • Those who scam innocent people (like the elderly) out of their money.
  • Those who park in disabled/parent parking spaces when they are not entitled to.

The list goes on and on…

Surely, much harsher punishments should be available, to give to these people when they are caught? If there were, perhaps they would be less likely to break the law in the first place. If people don’t want to abide by the laws put in place by society, then why should they be allowed to be part of society?

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Good vs Evil

The majority of people in the world know the difference between good and bad and also know the difference between right and wrong. It is which side they choose to come down on that matters the most. It will also be what defines them as a human being.

There are also those in the middle who get blurred vision about both of these sides. Those who believe in their hearts that they are doing the right thing, so that justifies their actions. But, if these people stopped for a moment and really considered what they are doing, they would realise that they shouldn’t be doing it at all.

People aren’t stupid, they know when something they are doing isn’t right. It just boils down to whether or not they care about the consequences of their actions.

For example, being abusive to someone, or attacking them because of their race, sexuality or religion. Remember, that person is someone else’s son or daughter.

To people in this situation I would say again:

How would you feel if you, or your son or daughter were being attacked for the similar reasons? If it’s not right to happen to you or a member of your family, then it’s not right to happen to anyone, is it?

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If you want something, work for it, the same as everyone else does

You generally get out of life what you put into it. So, why do some people expect to cruise through their whole life, taking handouts from the state, when they could find work if they really tried or could be bothered. As well as those, who steal from people who do work hard for everything that they have. Just because it’s easier than getting a job and working hard for a living.

Rule of thumb:

Want a nice home, nice things and a nice car? Then get off your butt, work hard at school, work hard at life and you will get those things. Why? Because you’ve earned them!

Contribute to society, don’t be a burden or a scourge to it.

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I am not saying for one moment that I have all of the answers. These are just my thoughts and observations about the world we live in today. Although, I feel these points are somewhat obvious. If people just stopped for a moment to think about them, perhaps they would see things the same way.

As I have already mentioned, there are exceptions to most things in life. I haven’t covered every possibility in the topics above, I am just discussing the general principles.

I have not written anything to be controversial, confrontational, to spark religious or political debate. I could have gone much deeper with these topics, but I know you all have lives to get back to. Instead, I hope that these thoughts will promote positivity and generate additional ideas on how we can improve as a human race.

I would also like to reiterate that I am not trying to force my beliefs on anyone, please take them or leave them. I have just written these thoughts down in the hope that they will resonate with people on some level. As I say, I am nobody in particular, and I don’t expect for a moment that my words be taken as gospel. I just believe that everyone has the capacity for good if they really try.

Hopefully, these thoughts will be shared and a spark of kindness can be ignited, so that we can all benefit. Instead of fighting or hurting each other, we can all work together, in the same way that most of us are in this fight against COVID-19.

I feel that the world has forgotten where it has been and is oblivious to where it is heading. I really hope that humankind and society will wake up soon and smell the coffee, before it’s too late.

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If you stayed until the very end, thank you so much for your patience. See you on the next one.





Thoughtful ramblings from nobody in-particular. Writing about topics which interest me and will hopefully interest you too.

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Victor Prinzim

Victor Prinzim

Thoughtful ramblings from nobody in-particular. Writing about topics which interest me and will hopefully interest you too.

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