Are you tracking the screenshots taken within your apps?

At the moment you might be tracking any action that is important within your app, like completing a tutorial or signup process, progressing through the main mechanic, or making an in-app purchase. But have you ever considered tracking screenshots?

A screenshot itself does not provide much information, but if we think about it, it’s an action carried out by the user without expecting anything from the app, but also because misses something.

These are the two main reasons why a user would take a screenshot:

If there’s no share button around, taking a screenshot can be a reasonable solution, although not all users think about it. If there is, you should analyse why your users might be more interested in taking a screenshot rather than using the app feature. Whatever the case, you might be losing shares and recommendations so better have a look at it.

Try displaying a native popup with some options when the screenshot is taken in order to confirm your hypothesis.

Save for later

Is your app offering any feature to bookmark or add to favourites? Some applications offer content that requires repetitive access in a short period of time, like recipes, installation guides… If the app doesn’t take this into account it can be a strong reason for your user to need that screenshot.

In this case you wouldn’t be losing shares, but you might be losing recurrency, basically because the next time they want to view that page they will do it form the Photo Gallery and not from your app.

Now you might be wondering if there’s any requirement to be able to track your user screenshots. At the moment for iOS apps there’s not, but in the case of Android you would need user permission to access to photo gallery. Knowing this, you’ve got two options:

  • The simplest: Extrapolate data obtained from iOS users.
  • Add a small feature that requires that user permission, like setting up your profile picture.

Are you currently measuring the screenshots taken in your apps or offering any feature when this action is executed by the user?

Please share your experiences and drop your questions in the comments section. I’ll be happy to read them :)

Product Manager