Where does it come from?

Creativity does not come from merely being busy, it comes from being.

Listening to an album in its entirety.
Cooking a new dish.
Writing a piece of prose or poetry.
Sketching or drawing something you see often.
Writing a thank you card to someone who’s impacted your life.
Paying attention to the mistakes you’ve made and apologizing for them.
Traveling to a foreign place.
Celebrating someone else’s success.
Being surprisingly generous.
Taking a few extra minutes to hear about your neighbor’s day.
Going the longer way on your next bike ride or run.
Sitting on the couch with a journal or book and no plans for the evening.

You can add to this list. You probably know when you are most you. Those moments can be as frequent as you allow them to be.

And with each event, you’ll plant the seeds for your most human, thoughtful, and creative work.