The GIF dilemma. Images created in collaboration with Gregory Kubin and Dana Otto of Sunday Sketch.

In the history of the Internet, where new businesses and technologies are continually upending the old, the GIF is a curious case of longevity. Created in 1987 as a portable image format that supports basic animation, it is a fixture across websites and social media and like the emoji, has even come to be used as a replacement for text.

Yet when compared with other image formats, the GIF is showing its age. Complicated GIFs generally display in low quality and may take painfully long to load. …

A shot of the map I designed in Mapbox for betterPT’s React website built on Node.js

Creating a custom map is one of the most daunting tasks in visual design, simply because when you are using a program like Mapbox or Mapme, your canvas is the size of the world itself. As a designer, you will be faced with a series of complex decisions, ranging from how best to represent a lake as opposed to an ocean, a village as opposed to a country, or a bridge as opposed to a tunnel. …

These are interesting times in illustration, animation and design.

For anyone involved in illustration, animation, or graphic design, creating an iMessage stickerpack is a great opportunity to put your work out there for people to use in the App Store.

I first got the idea to create a stickerpack earlier this year. In 2016, frustrated with the political climate, I created The Animated Donnie GIF Series and shared it as a joke with my friends. But as the months rolled by, my animations got buried in my newsfeed by what felt like an endless series of daily scandals in the news. …

In this post, I’ll be talking about how to create a custom loader in After Effects and export it to a .json file using a plugin called Bodymovin.

For a user of an app or website, a “page loading” icon may be the smallest of your concerns. But as a designer with betterPT, I’ve found that carefully curating small details like this actually goes a long way towards cultivating a more amenable user experience.

When I started thinking about how to create my loader, I knew that I wanted something easily identifiable with our brand, so I started playing with…

Victor Sanabria

Visual Designer and Design Director

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