Cafeteria & co.

cafeteria & co is a cafe where you will find decent food and this cafe has amazing foods the best part about this cafe is that it has two floors and the foods here are amazing. And its pocket friendly.

So today i wen there for my friends Birthday and so after my class got over we were so hungry and tired so we went to this cafe.

so first we order some fries and drinks the fries is very good its spicy and the way the put it is so good.

so we had this fries along. and we also ordered some other foods too.

lets start with drinks.

  1. Berry Blast.

This berry blast is a shake and it taste so good love the thcikness of the shake

2.Ginger beer Mojito

This mojito is the best i have taste and love the ginger flavour in it. And you definitely try this.

3. Chipotle style vegan

Love this pizza so good and the best part is the bottom are the best and the way they combine the mushrooms and corns and olive in it.

4.the Beyonce

This burger is spicy hot chicken burger and love the way they present it in star shape and the fries. and the burger is very juicy and taste so good you should definitely try this.

5.Spaghetti Chicken Me

this is the best out of all even all of them taste so good but this one is very spicy and the meat balls are amazing and if u love spicy food you must go for it.

6. Taco tandoori Paneer.

First time i tried taco and i really love it the fillings are so good and juicy.

Me eating the Tacos
lovely ambience
Great ambience
view from outside
front part
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