Must have accessories for MAN
5 Must have accessories for Man
NO man is born stylish. It takes effort to acquire a studied perfection in the art of dressing well. There is an old proverb which says that habit is second nature. so guys today lets talk about how to accessories and make yourself look stylish.
  1. Watches

I started with watches because who doesn’t wanna have a classy cool and funky watch which goes well with any outfit. By now you might thinking that there are a lot of options so just keep it simple leather strap or a metal starp its goes well with all outfit.

leather strap watches (picture from google)
leather strap watch (picture from google)

2. Bracelets

You may think that you don’t need this guys but i am telling you its a must have and when you wear this it makes you look very stylish and also looks classy at the same time.

You can go for a leather bracelets with an anchor you can get this from h&M

You can also try this type of bead bracelets with and try wearing this with a leather strap watch.

Or this one so lets say you are going for a white on with outfit or like white shirt with denim light wash jeans with a pair of white sneaker then this will totally compliment your outfirt.

3. Ring

By now you may be thinking that this is too much but hey! you need this if you one to be very stylish and stay on trend and if you love to wear urban outfit this all are a must have.

ring (pics from google)

4. Necklaces ( chain )

A small chain in your neck compliments your outfit perfectly.

picture from koovs

You can get this type of chain from koovs.

5 sunglasses ( shades )

Sunglasses are a must have if you don’t have one go and get it from the store you can get very trendy and classy ones from H&M.

Shades from H&M