Stop saying you can't, because you can!

Those of you that have taken the path of self-development, know how complicated it can be to change your attitude, your views towards the world, and even to an extent, your personality.

Unfortunately, most of us weren’t raised exceptionally optimistic or positive, and most of use weren’t told that much of what will be happening to us in this world is based on how we will perceive it. When I was a kid, I was sure that there are only bad and good people around me. My friends were obviously the good ones, and the people that I didn’t like, were the bad ones. I was told that you shouldn’t trust anyone, and that people around are always looking for ways to bring you down. I was sure that the world was a cruel place, and to survive, I would need to play by its rules.

When I grew up, certain events in my life took place that forcefully pushed me out of my shell to the extent, that it made me see the world through a very different lens. I noticed how most of what happens to us, is because we want it to happen to us. I also saw that the same event can be experienced in two completely different ways. A person can come home and find their wallet missing. One will be sure that the wallet was stolen, and the other will be sure that they lost it. One reaction will take you into deeper fear and skepticism towards humanity, while the other reaction will cause you to simply be more careful next time. I no longer concentrated on the glass being either too full or too empty, but I became aware of the fact that it is up to me how I will see that glass.

Hopefully, I don’t sound too confusing. What I meant to say is that wanting to change yourself to become better, is a difficult and time-consuming task. But you must believe in yourself. Don’t doubt anything, and forget about your age, gender or ethnicity, because when it comes to becoming a better you, none of those matter.

So, forget about the words I can’t, because in reality you can! It takes hard work, determination and persistence, but if you have set a goal for yourself, and you know why you are doing it, any change to yourself can be possible. Nothing holds you back from smiling at your neighbour, and nothing holds you back from saying thank you to the world and the universe for letting you be a part of it.

Just remember, you can.