How to Stop Binge Eating (And How To Start Treating Food as Fuel)
Krista Stryker

You mention that it would be good to track your calories..

I've suffered from binge eating my whole life, and none of the psychological tricks really helped me. What did help was counting my calories.

After beginning to actively visit the gym, I began to use food scales to weigh all the food that I consume. I quickly found out that if I know the exact amount of food that I am going to eat — the exact amount that is on my plate — I don't have the urge to eat everything in the house (I have a clear limit). Counting your calories really does help! :) So many people disagree with me though, without even giving it a try.. I think their problem is them just being too lazy to weigh their food. In any case, thanks for the post!

Victor S.

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